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If you are struggling with chronic pain, stubborn weight, fatigue, hormone issues or just feel like rubbish for no obvious reason, I will help you get to the root cause of the problem and take back control of your health.

My goal is for you to feel like yourself again!

As a Functional Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, my job is simply to help you function better, physically and emotionally.

My work uses food as medicine, specialised laboratory testing and key life skills to shed light, deepen your understanding and help you overcome resistance and self-sabotage.

The Happy Hormones Club is launching on November 1st!
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The Happy Hormones Club is open for business from November 1st!  Sign up below to to join and have access to all the support, information and motivation you need to balance your hormones naturally and safely.

I understand what you are going through! 

When I hit menopause, even though I thought I knew all about healthy eating, I still struggled with my weight, chronic pain, low energy and a general malaise that made me feel miserable. That was because I hadn’t appreciated that, like everyone else, I am unique and that what worked for other people, wouldn’t necessarily work for me.

I was trying so hard to conform to diets and plans that simply did not work for my body and the frustration and disappointment was huge.

And then I discovered how to unlock my own personal health code and create the perfect lifestyle prescription for me. Building on my personal experience, I trained in nutrition, functional medicine and life coaching and have years of experience as a fully Certified Functional Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Coach helping women just like you to reclaim their health and feel like themselves again.

If you are battling with chronic fatigue, allergies, hormone imbalance  or stubborn weight, and want things to change, you’ve come to the right place – together we will unlock your unique health code too!

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Hormone Imbalance

When it comes to improving your life through diet, it can be difficult. I know, I’ve been there! For most of us there comes a time when we feel our hormones are to blame for everything! And it’s easy to understand why.

Our hormones are the messenger molecules that tell our cells and organs what to do. They control our energy and stress levels, our mood, our weight, our appetite, our blood sugar and our metabolism. In fact, they, in conjunction with the microbes in our gut control all our bodily systems.

They are as important for men as they are for women – and when there is an imbalance, we can feel dreadful. I can help you identify and address the root cause of any underlying imbalances. Whether that imbalance is expressed as a thyroid issue, diabetes, allergies, fertility problems or weight gain. The first step is to identify all the issues in play for your unique body. Applying this knowledge, and by using food as medicine. We can deal with all your issues at source and put into place a process that will help you manage pain, menopausal symptoms, allergies, low energy, chronic fatigue, malaise or simply just improve your eating habits.

My goal is to help you make sustainable change in your own life for a better way. I’ve helped hundreds of women in this exact position. The first step is to simply check out my FREE hormone balancing cheat sheet and get in touch today.