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Experiencing a health problem can be overwhelming. For many people, finding a solution that works is a struggle and it may sometimes feel like you’re getting nowhere.  So many people across the UK suffer from pain, chronic fatigue, allergies or a general malaise they can’t put their finger on.  Maybe they are battling with menopause, struggling to lose weight or trying to get ahead of a troubling diagnosis.  

Whatever it is that is making you feel trapped, there is a way forward from here!

Together we will get to grips with the root cause that lies at the heart of your issue and restore your health and balance. You will take back control of your health in a way that naturally supports your unique physiology, and gives you back the freedom to be you .

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I used to be 30lbs overweight and in pain. I was depressed, and afraid of what the future had to offer. And then I discovered how small changes can make a big difference. You can too!

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When I hit menopause, even though I thought knew all about healthy eating, I still struggled with my weight, chronic pain, low energy and a general malaise that made me feel miserable. And then I discovered how to unlock my own personal health code and create the perfect lifestyle prescription for me. If you are battling with chronic fatigue, allergies, hormone imbalance or stubborn weight, and want things to change, you've come to the right place - together we will unlock your unique health code too!

No more guesswork! 

It’s time to access the answers you need and get to the root of the problem.

Do you want to feel like yourself again – to enjoy the happy, healthy life you deserve? As your coach I can help you develop the knowledge, skills and tools you need to experience true wellness and have the healthy lifestyle that best suits your needs.  The first step to doing this is using my tried and tested approach, the PRUV Protocol. Using the PRUV Protocol we can deal with all your issues at source and put into place a process that will help you manage your pain, menopausal symptoms, allergies, low energy, chronic fatigue or malaise. Or we can simply just improve your eating habits!

Together, we will get to the root cause of whatever is troubling you and bring about sustainable change in a way that is both profound and completely ‘do-able’. We will break through blocks and limiting beliefs and turn back the clock, so you can have the healthy life you want, for as long as you want.

Full Functional Testing is available so we can test, not guess, all the dynamics at play and really dig deep into exactly what’s going on.

How would it be if you could:

  • Have the freedom to be you and live your life the way you want to live it.
  • Lose weight and gain energy, easily and naturally
  • Break through the blocks that are stopping you being who you want to be and living the life you want to live
  • Have access to tips, tricks and secret health-coach strategies that will make it so much easier to make and sustain the best choices for you and your unique life
  • Co-create and implement a tailor-made diet and lifestyle plan that is exactly right for you
  • Take a completely different approach to managing your health
  • Understand exactly what works for your unique body, and what doesn’t
  • Connect with someone who has the knowledge, experience and time to unravel all your symptoms and get to the root cause of every issue
  • Unwind all your symptoms one by one and get back to feeling how you want to feel
  •  Say ‘goodbye’ to stubborn tummy fat, being tired all the time, chronic pain and/or feeling like rubbish for no obvious reason!

Start feeling better today!

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Learn more about how to BREAKTHROUGH all your issues, and bring about real and sustainable change.