immune boost

One of the key aspects of my approach to Health Coaching is the importance of ‘Primary Food’ – all the things around you that nourish you as much, if not more, than the food you put on your plate.

The Prϋv Shop is all about Primary Foods – it’s all about that sense of wellness and content that comes from preparing and sharing great food with great people .  Combining my great passions for food, health and design, the Prϋv Shop features some gorgeous traditional products that have been ethically sourced and highly curated to offer you some alternative, and very positive, lifestyle choices.

Including beautiful natural linens, organic beauty and body care products, organic cooking ingredients and even some supplements, everything has been carefully chosen with you in mind and is something I am proud to share with you.

At Prϋv we like to support individual effort and creativity, helping to build lives and communities, not teams of middle men so all our vendors are independent producers, traders, artisans and artists, the sort of local businesses that respect their environment and their people, that quietly get on with being excellent – and that you might otherwise never hear about.  Importantly, everything you find in the Shop has been personally tested, tasted and a-Prϋved!

If you want to make choices that say more about you as an individual than about the companies you buy from, you have come to the right place.

PS: If you, or anyone you know, is an independent retailer or craftsperson who would like to Prϋv how successful they can be and join our thoughtful shopping adventure,  please comment below or drop an email to