healthiest recipe

There are certain foods, that just have to be in all our diets, and this recipe includes three of the most important: cruciferous vegetables, turmeric and coconut oil.

Who would have thought that an old dog could teach you new tricks? Every day with my silly old Labrador is a bit of an adventure – I teach her stuff and she teaches me stuff as well. But while I merely train her to sit and stay and all that, she teaches me some things that are important.  And that’s why, even though she’s daft as a brush, I love her so much.

This year I am resolving to give myself a break. I am not going to deny myself food or set myself up for failure (who am I kidding? two hours in the gym ??).  I am just going to try to be less judgmental.
Photograph courtesy of Bob Peters Photography (UK

Toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pizza for supper. Such a daily menu is not out of the question.  But how healthy is it to eat that much bread?  And is it possible to produce enough bread in a way that meets the demand safely? It seems it is not.

You know all that gubbins that’s left over in the juicer once you have made the juice? Well I can’t bring myself to throw it away.  Of course I could compost it, but even that seems a bit of a waste for what is in fact still perfectly good food.  And so the ultimate healthy cake recipe is born.