New ways of approaching food and cooking

I have only just recently become a ‘Fermenteer’, one of that happy band that has re-discovered the ancient art of fermenting food.As I learned more and more about healthy eating and the incredibly important relationship between our gut and our health, I began to understand why just about every culture has its own …. well, it’s own culture.  There’s sauerkraut, soused herrings, sourdough and dill pickles from Europe, kimchi from Korea, natto and tempeh from Japan, yoghurt from the Middle East – it seems that people for centuries have recognised and benefitted from fermented food as a natural way of prolonging the life of whole foods and, brilliantly as it turns out, nurturing our health.

We are taught from an early age that there is Right, and then there is Wrong – very few fairy stories indulge in nuance.  The Beast is utterly beastly, the step-mother a complete bitch and the heroine is lovelier than loveliness itself.

Have you felt like making your own homemade salves, balms and insect repellents from scratch? I always thought it would be great to have something soothing and/or protective in the cupboard that contains nothing but good stuff, but worried that it would be too complicated to go in for homemade salves and balms.  Not at all, it’s as easy as pie, and here are the recipes to prove it.