New ways of approaching food and cooking

We are taught from an early age that there is Right, and then there is Wrong – very few fairy stories indulge in nuance.  The Beast is utterly beastly, the step-mother a complete bitch and the heroine is lovelier than loveliness itself.

Have you felt like making your own homemade salves, balms and insect repellents from scratch? I always thought it would be great to have something soothing and/or protective in the cupboard that contains nothing but good stuff, but worried that it would be too complicated to go in for homemade salves and balms.  Not at all, it’s as easy as pie, and here are the recipes to prove it.

In most ancient traditions from all over the world some sort of a de-tox over the spring equinox is expected and in my own culture abstinence (traditionally giving up eggs, fat and milk) in the 40 days that run up to Good Friday used to be the norm.  So, partly out of respect for all these traditions, and partly because I needed it, just over forty days ago I gave up wheat, sugar, dairy and coffee for Lent. At the time it seemed a very tall order and I really wondered whether I could survive the challenge.  I have known for some time that wheat is really not my friend, but allowed myself to be woefully tempted over Christmas and it was actually the resulting and pervading sense of systemic grottiness that prompted my Lenten abstention.
Photograph courtesy of Bob Peters Photography (UK

Toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pizza for supper. Such a daily menu is not out of the question.  But how healthy is it to eat that much bread?  And is it possible to produce enough bread in a way that meets the demand safely? It seems it is not.