Healthy, delicious wholefood recipes to power up your repertoire

Satisfy your hunger, and do your body good, with this easy to prepare and deliciously healthy meal of Huevos Rancheros

This recipe is an ode to my two favourite food bloggers at the moment:  A Tasty Love Story and Deliciously Ella. They both focus on a super-healthy plant based diet and their recipes are fun, delicious and innovative. What I have done here is take inspiration from the Black Bean Chocolate Cake from A Tasty Love Story and the Sweet Potato Brownies from Deliciously Ella and smooshed them together, with a couple of twists to create some insanely delicious and very filling, gooey little morsels of love and nourishment.

Hooray for Pancake Day!  Who doesn’t love pancakes?  Traditionally, they were kept as a special Springtime treat; serving pancakes on Shrove Tuesday was originally the means of using up all the rich foods that would be denied during  Lent. Eggs, butter, milk and sugar were combined into a batter and turned into the last indulgence to be enjoyed before fasting for the next 40 days and nights.

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There are certain foods, that just have to be in all our diets, and this recipe includes three of the most important: cruciferous vegetables, turmeric and coconut oil.

You know all that gubbins that’s left over in the juicer once you have made the juice? Well I can’t bring myself to throw it away.  Of course I could compost it, but even that seems a bit of a waste for what is in fact still perfectly good food.  And so the ultimate healthy cake recipe is born.