Five key reasons you need Turmeric in your life

Adding turmeric to your life has to be one of the easiest and most positive  dietary shifts you can make. Prüv is all about making these kind of simple, positive choices because I believe passionately that natural foods can, and do, work as medicine to turn back the clock, re-connecting you with good health and a positive body image.

Turmeric is one of the best possible examples of this.  In this post Komal George, founder of Amala Pure Health, talks about the amazing benefits of Turmeric. Traditionally used in Ayurvedic Medicine for centures, Turmeric is now taking its rightful and proven place as a truly wonder food that can only bring benefits to your life.  I will leave it to Komal to give you the full details!

Recently, increasing western interest has led to numerous clinical studies into just how effective turmeric is.  The subsequent hunger for all things turmeric doesn’t seem to be waning.  I must admit that, as a pharmacist by background, it’s my job to scrutinise every remedy whether it be conventional or traditional and I had a healthy scepticism for traditional medicine.  But after performing my own experiment by religiously taking 1000mg of turmeric daily for several months I felt the benefits first hand.  Basically, I didn’t suffer from a single cough or cold last winter despite my toddler child catching everything under the sun!

So, I thought I’d outline just some of the benefits of turmeric which scientists have been researching over recent years.

  1. Anti-inflammatoryThere has been much said around inflammation and its impact on the body.  It’s believed that inflammatory processes can lead to a whole host of conditions from neurological conditions, to heart disease.  A number of studies have looked at the use of turmeric as a powerful anti-inflammatory.  Most of these studies have focussed on auto-immune conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease and osteoarthritis.  Study results have shown that in patients who regularly take turmeric there was a significant reduction in pain and a corresponding lowering in conventional medication dosing.
  2. AntioxidantTo begin with a quick lesson on oxidants – Oxidants are free radicals some of which we produce naturally in our bodies but most of which we introduce into our bodies through the foods we consume and products we use.  Too many oxidants trigger unhealthy chemical processes and these can be harmful to our bodies causing damage to cells and even DNA.  Some of these processes are precursors to inflammation and more common diseases such as heart disease, arthritis and even type II diabetes. So, antioxidative agents are essential if we want to redress the oxidative stress in our bodies and prevent long-term chronic illness.  Turmeric has been found to be a potent antioxidant agent and effective at mopping up free radicals, thus helping us redress oxidative stress to our bodies.
Close view of a group of turmeric herbal capsules.
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3.Immune Boosting

Turmeric has been used for centuries in India as a common ailment for preventing coughs and colds.  From my own experience, taking turmeric daily has certainly helped me fend off coughs and colds.  There has been some really interesting research which has shown that turmeric has the ability to inhibit many common bacterial, viral and fungal agents.  By reducing inflammation in the intestinal tract, turmeric also helps promote gut-health.  It does this by balancing the millions of bacteria that live there, this is essential as 85% of our immune system resides in out GI Tract.

4. Mental Health/Mood Boosting

The main active compound in turmeric is known as curcumin which, in clinical studies  has been shown to work on numerous pathways to regulate mood and promote a sense of wellbeing.  It can affect the neurochemical processes which can lead to conditions such as depression and alter these pathways.  A recent clinical study showed that curcumin has the greatest benefit in major depressive conditions. A lot of late-onset cognitive decline, is also caused my inflammation, and research into dementia has demonstrated the effects of turmeric in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s Disease too, and early studies show that that it can significantly improve memory in some patients.

  1. Anti-cancer

The value of turmeric in cancer treatments has been widely researched, and evidence shows that it can kill cancerous cells in certain types of cancers whilst protecting non-cancerous cells. But more interestingly there are early studies which suggest that turmeric can affect some of the early chemical processes in the body which are precursors to cancer tissue from growing. It’s also believed that overall cancer rates in India are much lower compared to that of western countries because of the almost daily intake of turmeric there.

So, this super spice is not just a pretty colour, it’s got some powerful effects. Including a little turmeric in your diet daily could provide you with significant long-term benefits.

Komal George is Founder of Amala Pure Health a turmeric supplement brand. She is a pharmacist and set up Amala Pure Health after experiencing the benefits of turmeric on her own health.  All their products contain only organic sustainably grown turmeric and contain no additives, preservatives or fillers.  Visit to learn more.  

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