What to expect when you work with me.

Health Coaching is a powerfully transformative modality that supports you as you take back control of your health.Whether you are battling with a major health issue, lots of little issues or simply have a few pounds to lose, a Health Coach will see you as a whole person and work with you to create a prioritized, step-by-step approach to helping you become an expert in your own health.

What to expect

  1. Set aside some time to have an initial chat with me. You can book yourself in here.  Our work together is a partnership and it is important that you feel 100% confident about your decision and feel safe about the journey we are about to take together.
  2. During this call I will endeavour to understand more about your issues and, by the same token explain my methods of working and the approach I will take to helping you achieve your own health goals.
  3. Once you feel happy with what has been discussed you can then commit to working with me, safe in the knowledge that I have been trained to put your needs, as a unique individual first and foremost in all my dealings with you. I encourage you to commit to a minimum 3 month programme as it takes at least this amount of time to experience meaningful change. You can find out more about the different packages I offer here.
  4. Once you have signed up, I will ask you to fill in a Health History Questionnaire and a Symptoms Questionnaire (which can easily be completed online) so that I have all the information I need to guide you appropriately. You will also sign an agreement so we each understand the commitment we are making to your success.
  5. We will ‘meet’ together (either in person or virtually) at least once every fortnight for the duration of your programme. During our first session we will go through the Health History and Symptom Questionnaire together, and I may ask a few more questions prompted by the information you provide.  This gives me an opportunity to fully understand you as a whole person, to map any interconnectedness I see and work with you holistically.  It is important to share as much information as possible on these documents in order that I can best tailor my approach to your unique needs.
  6. During subsequent sessions, we will work together to co-create the ideal Lifestyle Prescription for you, based on where you are in your health journey and what you are hoping to achieve. I will also be able to help you identify and overcome any ‘blocks’ that get in the way of you reaching your goals. An important part of my expertise lies in facilitating for you the behaviour changes necessary to help their clients experience long-term health – this means that these changes need to be sustainable!
  7. It is a normal part of the coaching process to experience set-backs and to go through times when your motivation drops, or you become ‘stuck’, or even that you feel things are not working. Try to be patient with yourself and the process – you are a subtle and complex bio-computer that is completely unique, and it can sometimes take time to discover exactly your unique ‘factory settings’ and how best to return to them. Profound change is often not seen or felt immediately. In the same way that daffodils appear in the Spring, there is always a point mid-Winter when things seem particularly grim and there is absolutely nothing to suggest that there is a lot of activity taking place underground!
  8. I will help you hold your faith at these times. It is, in fact, these tricky moments when working with a Health Coach becomes invaluable as they step you through the process of becoming ‘un-stuck’, help you re-frame blocks and maybe even explore different strategies and tactics that may sit more comfortably with your unique lifestyle and experience.
  9. Importantly, I will help keep you accountable to your own goals and will be ‘holding up the mirror’ so you can see what you have achieved and the distance you have come.
  10. At the end of your agreed programme, and depending on where you are in terms of achieving your goals, you will be invited to renew your agreement. For most people, our work together is like peeling back the layers of an onion – removing or reversing one issue, allows you to move on and deal with the next. Only you can tell when you are ready to stop working with me.

What you can do to make your experience as positive as possible

Take the time to find the right Health Coach for you.  Working with a Health Coach can be a profound experience and Trust plays an important part.
  • Commit to the process and ‘stay in the room’. Even when change becomes difficult, unappealing or too complicated, stick with it. I am here specifically to help you get through these times and will work with you to find an alternative approach, or break things down into smaller steps or tweak the protocol in some other way that will make it more do-able for you
  • Be compassionate with yourself. All change is hard, that’s why it makes such a difference to have a Health Coach by your side.  Nobody is expecting perfection and you will be amazed at the compound long-term benefit of seemingly small and insignificant things.
  • Be honest so I can meet you where you are. There is no judgement in Health Coaching.  I have been through my own health journey and understand exactly what you are going through.
  • Ask questions. There is no need to commit to anything that you don’t fully understand, the more confident you are in the ‘reason why’ behind any suggestion, the easier it will be for you to implement it in your life.
  • Don’t throw in the towel too early. It sometimes takes several months before real change starts to be experienced – as the saying goes “we don’t eat the fruit from the seed we plant today”. For complex issues, it is not uncommon to work with a Health Coach on and off for over a year. The exciting thing about this process is that it is taking you closer and closer to total wellness.
  • Remember that working with a Health Coach is like saving for your retirement, by age-proofing your health. Every little positive choice you make now will be an investment in your future health.

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