What will it be like to work with me?

You’re probably here because you feel something needs to change, but maybe you are not sure what, or that you feel you need to make so many changes, you don’t know where to start.  I can help you not only identify which changes will help you the most, but also how to priorritise and put together an individualised plan of action that is totally do-able for you.

Here’s a little breakdown of what you can expect from working with me.


  1. The first step is to book in for a FREE taster call. During this call I will listen carefully to all your issues and then gently set out a way working together and the approach I will take to help you achieve your own health goals. Because I am trained in Functional Medicine we might also discuss any tests that might be helpful (such as stool tests or food intolerance tests) and I will explain my approach to supplements (which is conservative, I prefer to use food as the best and most natural medicine of all).  In signing up to the call, you will be invited to join my Practice Platform which has been specially created to ensure totally confidentiality and to protect your privacy absolutely.  It is also the place where we can safely share documents, message each other and where you will find a whole host of resources that will help you achieve a really successful outcome.
  2. Once you feel happy to do so you can then commit to working with me, safe in the knowledge that I have the knowledge and experience to put your needs, as a unique individual, first and foremost in every aspect of our work together. I offer a variety of different packages and payment terms to suit most people but will encourage you to commit to a minimum 3 month programme as it takes at least this amount of time to experience meaningful change.
  3. On signing up, you will be invited to complete a comprehensive health history and symptoms questionnaire to give me all the information I need to ensure I can advise and support you appropriately.
  4. We will ‘meet’ (either in person or virtually) at least once every fortnight for the duration of your programme. During your first session we will go through your  Health History together.  This gives me the opportunity to fully understand you as a whole person, to map any interconnectedness I can see see and work with you holistically
  5. During subsequent sessions, we will work together to co-create the ideal Lifestyle Prescription for you, based on where you are in your health journey and what you are hoping to achieve. I will also be helping  you identify and overcome any ‘blocks’ that get in the way of you reaching your goals.
  6. It is a normal part of the coaching process to experience set-backs and to go through times when your motivation drops, or you become ‘stuck’, or even that you feel things are not working. Try to be patient with yourself and the process – you are a subtle and complex bio-computer that is completely unique, and it can sometimes take time to discover exactly your unique ‘factory settings’ and how best to return to them and profound change is often not seen or felt immediately. We know that daffodils will appear in the Spring, but there is always a point mid-Winter when things seem particularly grim and there is absolutely nothing to suggest that there is a lot of activity taking place underground. It is very much the same with the natural healing process – it takes time.
  7. I will help you hold your faith at these times. It is, in fact, these tricky moments when working with a Health Coach becomes invaluable as they step you through the process of becoming ‘un-stuck’, help you re-frame blocks and maybe even explore different strategies and tactics that may sit more comfortably with your unique lifestyle and experience.
  8. I will also help keep you accountable to your own goals and will be ‘holding up the mirror’ so you can see what you have achieved and the distance you have come.
  9. At the end of your agreed programme, and depending on where you are in terms of achieving your goals, you will be invited to renew your agreement. For most people, working with a Health Coach is like peeling back the layers of an onion – removing or reversing one issue, allows you to move on and deal with the next. Only you can tell when you are ready to stop working with your Health Coach.

Find out more about what it would be like to work with me!

Book in for a Taster Session and see if this is a good way forward for you.

Many people need help cutting through all the mis-information out there, to set achievable goals and then to stick with them – and that’s where I can deliver real value.  it’s that whole piece around overcoming resistance, perfectionism and self-sabotage that makes such a big difference.

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