Who we are

Prϋv is a highly curated multi-vendor market place intended to support ethical and sustainable designers, makers and entrepreneurs who have something amazing to offer health conscious foodies who are seeking unusual, beautiful and delicious items to augment the rituals of preparing and sharing great food.

The intention for the Prϋv Shop  is that it will be a place of inspiration, adhering to the values of Collaboration, Sharing, Sustainability and Ethical Opportunity. 

Who we want to work with

We are keen to support exciting artisanal talent in the food, natural beauty and ‘kitchenalia’ space – producers of organic and GMO free ingredients, makers of delicious, healthy, artisan food products, potters, woodworkers, glass blowers, metal workers, growers, chefs – if you make anything to do with living a natural, healthy life away from processing and plastics, we want to talk to you!

If you think you can excite us then we want to talk to you.  If you feel you have something unique, beautiful, important or meaningful to share, we want to talk to you. If what you have to offer will nourish people in body and spirit, we want to talk to you.  If you are willing to commit to being part of a positive and mutually supportive community, then we want to talk to you.

Prϋv is not for you if ..

Your are not committed to engaging with your customers, peers and colleagues in a positive and collaborative way

You are not passionate about what you have to offer

You don’t care about your customers

You are not focused on the ethical and sustainable production and sourcing of what you make

You do not care passionately about being able to make a positive contribution to your community and the wider world (even if that contribution is simply making and sharing something that is produced with integrity, whether it’s beautiful, practical, delicious or nourishing).

What We do

Prϋv provides the platform, the marketing, the payment portal and the customer interface for its community of member vendors.  A percentage of our fees is used to create a growing fund, that will be used as angel funding and sponsorship for young start-ups in the artisanal health and wellness space.

Although Prϋv is accessible from all over the world, our marketing push will initially be focused on the UK, rolling out to other countries and regions as and when appropriate.

How much does it cost?

Current fees* for providing our service to vendors are £250 annual membership fee plus 20% commission on each sale made through Prϋv.

But we have an exciting launch offer!

For selected vendors who sign up before December 31st 2017 we are waiving the listing fee and commission payable on sales will be reduced to 15%. 

Benefits to vendors of joining the Prϋv community

And if that’s not enough to tempt you, here are some of the key benefits of partnering with Prüv:

  • low cost, low risk platform to launch and present your products
  • easy and instant reach to an audience that is already interested in what you have to offer
  • amplification of your efforts and messages through community support and online and social media engagement
  • marketing and communications support included in fees and commission payable
  • attractive and compelling online presence
  • supportive online community of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • your involvement helps create further opportunity for young start-ups in the health and wellness space
  • ongoing IT and customer liaison support

Setting Up

Once accepted as a member of the Prϋv Community, vendors will be given access to their own private ‘shop’ on the Prϋv website with a unique password that only they will have access to.  Each vendor is responsible for uploading accurate information about their products (including pictures), pricing (including shipping, any VAT or other purchase tax that may be applicable) and delivery terms.  There is no limit to the number of products you can upload to your shop as long as they conform to our selection criteria and have been pre-approved by the Prϋv management. On signing up, our web-support team will provide you with the necessary tutorials and ongoing support to help you manage the ‘back-end’ of your store (we don’t think you’ll have any major problems btw, as we are working to ensure that the whole process is as intuitive as possible).

The Purchasing Process

Once your shop is created and your products have gone live, customers will be able to buy your products through the Prϋv portal. When a purchase is made, you will automatically be alerted by the website and be given details of the customer, their order and their delivery address.  You will then communicate directly with the customer to confirm/manage the shipping of your product in a timely and responsive manner. Funds for the sale of each item, less any commission payable, will be forwarded to you within 21 days (maximum) of you confirming to the website that the item has been shipped.

If there is any failure to ship the product, it is faulty or damaged our Returns Policy will apply. Prϋv retains the right to cancel membership for any vendor who consistently fails to ship products in a manner which meets our customer service expectations (ie if delivery is consistently late or the products are of poor quality or fail to match the description uploaded to the site).

Managing Customer Returns (the boring but important bit)

For products that have not been made to order, or personalised in any way, as per our Returns Policy, the customer has the right to change their mind and return the item to you in its original packaging at their own cost.  Once you have received the returned item, you will acknowledge receipt on the website and the money that has been paid for that item (less any allowance for damage if applicable) will be returned to the customer within 10 days (maximum) of either receipt by you or them providing proof of shipping, whichever is the shorter, and will be deducted from any future payments to you. In the case of products that are made to order, or have been personalised, the customer does not have the opportunity to change their mind and this is clearly explained in our Terms and Conditions and Returns Policy.

Additional Support

Included within the fees as mentioned above, will be the marketing of the Prϋv site as a whole.  Vendors may opt to pay for a Premium Listing for any given period of time which will enable their products to receive premium positioning on the site and be featured in our marketing. Premium Listings will cost £100 per product per month and will facilitate inclusion on the Home Page in our ‘Featured’ section, plus specific mentions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Prϋv will also select items from time to time to feature in the ‘Our Choice’ section for which there will be no extra charge.

Should vendors require additional support in regard to eg specific digital marketing, photography or any other element of promotion, we will be happy to quote for this on a case by case basis.

The Prϋv Community

Prϋv will do whatever possible to promote and support our Community Members and there are facilities provided within the Prϋv Community to enable vendors to share information, insight and other ways to support each other.

 *These fees may be changed from time to time and all vendors will be given at least two months’ notice of any such change.

Vendors’ User Guide

This could be your lucky day!

Take advantage of our Early-bird launch offer for entrepreneurs with vision!

For selected vendors who sign up before the end of May 2017, membership fees will be waived and commission will be reduced to 15%.  Click here to take full advantage of this opportunity and register as a Prüv vendor now.