My story is one of transformation. 

 I thought I knew how to eat well and look after myself and I couldn’t understand why I felt so unwell and miserable all the time – and I felt overwhelmed and powerless.

Even though I was trying to do the right things, nothing made a difference.  It was because I hadn’t yet worked out my own secret health code!  As soon as I unlocked that code, and began to understand what was good for me (and what wasn’t) all my symptoms evaporated, I lost weight easily and started to feel like myself again.

What I did was to shift my understanding and focus on the small things I could change that would make a big difference.  As these small things became habits I gradually took back control of my health.

It sounds so simple! But simple things are not always easy.  That’s why working with a health coach can make such a difference.

There is no need to feel powerless

Back then, I was overweight, over-stressed and under-fulfilled. Nothing I tried seemed to make a difference. I felt unwell most of the time – I had achy joints, sleepless nights and zero energy. I was constantly getting headaches, colds and allergic reactions.  I was exhausted, and dragged myself around feeling hopeless, and useless.

The more I tried to take back control of the situation, the more miserable I became. The same few pounds came and went over and over again, and the other symptoms of ill-health slowly got worse.  I was confused by all the conflicting information around nutrition, and although I was constantly depriving myself of this, or that, I never seemed to make any progress. I was beginning to feel powerless, and I was scared that maybe this was it.  I was scared that my life was just going to slowly unravel into old age.

There had to be a better way.  Slowly at first, I began to invest time into working out what would really make me feel better, not only in my body but in spirit too.  Eventually, almost imperceptibly, the penny began to drop and the weight and illness started to melt away.  No more aches and pains, no more exhaustion, no more depression, no more need for baggy tops. To say I felt transformed is an understatement!

Nobody deserves to feel unhappy in their own body.

As I stepped back into my own power, it stopped just being about my journey to health, and more about what I could do for others.

In order to be able to fully understand and share the truths that had transformed my life,  I spent years studying Nutrition and Functional Medicine at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the School of Applied Functional Medicine.  I also studied to become a Quantum Life Coach because, for most of us, half the battle is re-writing our own internal narrative to overcome resistance, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

It’s not just about WHAT we should do, it’s about HOW we can do it.

You deserve to feel great

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