I love my job! I get to work with all the BEST people! And this is what they have to say …


“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all of the fantastic help and advice.  Your help has been amazing and really therapeutic as well as being practical.

You have really helped me to understand what I need to do and more importantly why I should!!!

I have found you hugely supportive and I am absolutely delighted that I found you!!!

Thanks for everything, you are an absolute star”


Margaret talks about her experience of working with me.

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“I just wanted you to know that I’m doing well and have lost 12 kilos! I’ve completely changed my diet and just don’t eat anymore rubbish – I’ve pretty much cut out alcohol and carbs and if I do have a few wines I stick to red.

I had gone through menopause and also had breast cancer so I just became this fat little blob and I felt like crap. I couldn’t stand having this big fat stomach and just generally feeling revolting and I had no energy. Doing the 2 week transformation gave me the confidence to start the change process. I remember your story when you would just come home after work and eat crisps – that was me also. But not anymore! Now I look at food and ask myself will this nourish me?

It’s great to feel strong and toned again and now I’m just focusing on eating well and not eating junky food. I don’t get tired during the day and have a lot more energy. I also get a lot of sleep – that helps as well!”


Aalia is 33 and a Brand Manager from London

After just three months working with Fran, I am far healthier and happier!   My bloating and fatigue have vanished, my skin looks amazing and my mood has greatly improved.  I had seen two other nutritionists before finding Fran, whose very personal, individual approach is a world apart.  I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

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What other people say ...

Sheena is 58 and an office manager from East Anglia.

I’d always had a tendency to be overweight and in May 2016 decided enough was enough.  Fran’s Summer Eating Challenge was the best thing I could have done – the weight just fell off, friends remarked that I was looking younger, my energy levels soared and I took up pilates after a break of seven years.   I didn’t have a single cold last winter and I can even stand on one leg to put on my trainers – a fantastic result!

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Sarah is 70 and a retired UN staff member from Sussex

When I started working with Fran, I was overweight, suffering from arthritis in my hip and feeling very tired all the time.  Just within 3 months, I have lost two stone, feel far more energetic and have less discomfort in my hip.   For the first time in my life, my body and moods feel totally balanced.

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If you were sitting beside me just now, Fran, I would give you the biggest hug. This has been a great experience, and, although I thought it would be difficult or complicated, it wasn’t. I lost 9lbs in the 3 weeks of the challenge, my clothes fit better and I feel so much more comfortable in myself. I feel revitalised, re-energised, sleep more soundly and am basically loving this new me.

Participant in Prϋv’s July 2016 Clean Eating Challenge

Being coached by Fran has opened my eyes to a new and wonderful way of living.  Of course there have been set backs along the way, but she has provided consistent support in helping me understand my body’s needs and encouraged me in making small incremental changes in response to them.  I had no idea, before working with Fran, that I could feel so much better.

Health Coaching Client

Honestly, best program, ever. I surprised myself that I was able to complete it and just love how I feel now that I have. My head is clearer and I’m not as sleepy all the time.  I love how I discovered new things (your recipes are great) and to top things off, I’m getting close to my pre-pregnancy body. I’m now addicted to clean eating!

Prϋv Protocol Beta Tester

The Prϋv Protocol is a wonderful programme that has been thoughtfully created. Fran’s compassionate and supportive attitude left me continually feeling like my best was more than good enough, and that she wasn’t expecting perfection in my attempts to eat clean. Her attention to everyone’s inquires went above and beyond, and the insight she showed into my specific challenges demonstrated her vast experience and knowledge.

Prϋv’s Protocol Beta Tester

It’s only been three weeks and I’m feeling so much better already!  Lighter and more alive and sugar cravings nearly gone!

Participant in Prϋv’s July 2016 Clean Eating Challenge

Since working with Fran, I’ve noticed a transformation in my outlook, because I’m feeling in control my food cravings. I’ve noticed that my performance at work is enhanced, and I now have this can-do attitude about other areas of my life.

Health Coaching Client

It’s been great! Loving all the new things I have learned and am going to get into kefir and fermenting when I’m no longer travelling! Thanks for all the great support!

Participant in Prϋv’s July 2016 Clean Eating Challenge

Working with you has been fabulous, Fran. Thanks so much.  What is remarkable is that all my food cravings have gone! I feel hungry at the right times, but not craving food, and this makes it so much easier to stick with the programme and lose weight. The whole experience has been a game changer for me!

Health Coaching Client