Sarah Murison is 70 and a retired UN staff member from Sussex

When I started working with Fran, I was overweight, suffering from arthritis in my hip and feeling very tired all the time.  Working with Fran for 3 months has liberated me.  I have lost two stone, feel far more energetic and have less discomfort in my hip.   For the first time in my life, my body and moods feel totally balanced.


I’d been feeling tired for some time and although I thought I was eating healthily, was interested in seeing if I could make further improvements.   After my first consultation with Fran, I removed sugar and cow’s milk from my diet and also significantly reduced the amount of red meat I was eating.  Fran also encouraged me to be very vigilant about reading labels and eating natural, unprocessed foods.

I began using lots of Fran’s recipes – particularly soups, smoothies and her wonderful breakfast muffins – and began to notice a difference in the way I was feeling almost immediately.  My need to snack and comfort eat almost entirely vanished which was a revelation as I’ve battled with this my whole life.  Eating real foods made me feel more balanced and leaving three hours between eating controlled any urges to snack.

As well as cutting down on some foods, Fran has introduced me to a whole new way of eating which I would never have come across without her help and delicious new foods are now part of my daily routine.  A glass of apple cider vinegar diluted in water before meals seems to really control cravings and I’m regularly eating a wide variety of natural, wholefoods.

Overall, I’ve become far more mindful about the way I eat and more connected to the food.  After a lifetime of struggling with weight, on Fran’s programme, I lost over 30lbs in a very natural and easy way and it has been lovely to get comments from people about how well I am looking.  Importantly, over a year later and the weight has not returned, in fact I am continuing to feel better and better.

Fran is very approachable and extremely generous with her time and advice.   I’m over the moon with the results and will happily continue to eat and live this way from now on.

Sarah Murison (3)