Sheena Bridgman is 58 and an office manager from East Anglia.

I’d always had a tendency to be overweight and in May 2016 decided enough was enough.  The Prϋv Summer Eating Challenge was the best thing I could have done – the weight just fell off, friends remarked that I was looking younger, my energy levels soared and I took up pilates after a break of seven years.   I didn’t have a single cold last winter and I can even stand on one leg to put on my trainers – a fantastic result!

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Despite eating relatively healthily, I’d always had a tendency to be overweight.  Starting a new job in May 2016 seemed like the ideal time to try and get my weight under control so I happily took part in the Prὓv Wellness Summer Eating Challenge.

I removed sugar, flour and wheat from my diet and started cooking with wholegrains, meat (in much smaller quantities), fish, veg and fruit.  Fran’s recipes are great and I was using ingredients I would never have considered before.  I’ve discovered the health benefits of turmeric, cumin, cinnamon and paprika – there’s definitely a new Middle Eastern kick to my cooking!

It’s very much like going back to the way my grandparents cooked – everything from scratch.  It’s helped the whole family – including my husband and sons of 18 and 19, a rower and a rugby player.  They are all loving the new diet and also seeing the benefits.

Once I removed all the trigger foods that Fran had identified for me, it was astonishing how quickly I saw results.  I was getting positive comments from friends and family who could see the differences too.  Many pointed out that I was looking younger, which was a wonderful motivation to continue!

My husband commented that I had more energy and vitality than I’d had for years and the weight just fell off. I was sleeping better, my eyes were brighter and I stopped needing to get up at night.  Last winter I didn’t suffer from a single cold, which has never happened before.

I stuck religiously to the foods that were agreed on the eating plan but at Christmas allowed myself cheese, wine and the odd treat and was delighted when I didn’t put on weight.  This wasn’t a hardship at all as my tastes had changed and I was eating far more mindfully, so a little went a long way.

After Christmas, I went straight back onto the plan and haven’t looked back since.  I’m doing pilates again after a break of 7 years and can now stand on one leg to put on my trainers!  Something I haven’t been able to do in years!

The tin of Quality Street from Christmas remains untouched!